Articles, downloads, and news from Poplar ProductivityWare's lead developer and owner, Jennifer Hodgdon
Date Written: 27 February, 2017
Presentation given at Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit on February 26, 2017
Date Written: 17 February, 2017
Article (with download) about a language switcher block and redirect module for handling web site that is only partially translated into another language.
Date Written: 2 October, 2016
Blog post on recovering a Drupal or WordPress web site from a backup.
Date Written: 7 September, 2016
Blog post about the new company web site.
Date Written: 1 September, 2016
Download the User Guide for Drupal.
Date Written: 1 March, 2016
Download the Drupal Configuration Update Manager module.
Date Written: 20 October, 2014
Presentation given at Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit on October 18, 2014.
Date Written: 8 May, 2014
Blog post on why individuals and small Drupal businesses should contribute to the Drupal project
Date Written: 12 October, 2013
Presentation given at Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, October 6, 2013.
Date Written: 11 April, 2013
Blog post on the Write The Docs conference, 2013.
Date Written: 10 January, 2013
Blog post about my experience writing a Drupal programming book.
Date Written: 1 November, 2012
Presentation at 2012 Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit about mistakes commonly made by Drupal programmers.
Date Written: 11 September, 2012
Blog post about running into a PHP error and fixing it.
Date Written: 18 February, 2011
Article describing how to set up robust backups for a cluster of Ubuntu Linux machines.
Date Written: 11 November, 2010
Panel discussion presentation at DrupalCon San Francisco on best practices for Drupal freelancers.
Date Written: 3 April, 2010
Resources for teaching an Introduction to Drupal class.
Date Written: 24 March, 2010
Download the Routes plugin for WordPress, which enables embedding a Google Map in your WordPress posts, with routes and points of interest on it.
Date Written: 23 March, 2010
Article on how to decide between different methods for searching Drupal sites.
Date Written: 23 March, 2010
Article comparing Drupal and WordPress for creating web sites.
Date Written: 23 March, 2010
Article on setting up Apache .htaccess files for password protection and custom error pages.