The Interurban Trail of metropolitan Seattle, Washington runs about 30 miles from north Seattle to Everett, Washington, roughly following the route of an old inter-urban trolley. Parts of the trail are under construction, and parts are either bike lanes or short sections on residential streets. Note: there are other trails in the area that are also called Interurban Trail, unfortunately not connected with this trail.

Update: We rode the length of this trail recently (August 2010) and got a GPS trace of it. It’s now mostly complete, and the signs have been much improved in Everett (Lynwood still has a few confusing spots).

Categories: 20 to 50 Miles &Flat &No Solitude &Paved &Some Road/Street Riding &Suburban &Under Construction
States: Washington
Last Modified: August 21, 2010

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If the map has markers, click them for extra information. You can also double-click anywhere on the map to get driving directions to that point. Note:Trail routes shown are approximate! If you have a GPS trace of this trail, leave a comment below with your email address (which will not be published), and I'll contact you. Thanks!

Elevation profile of route: feet above sea level vs. distance traveled (approximate). Green marker on map above shows which end is designated as start of route.

Elevation Profile