Drupal project: New Contributors task list (more needed!)

One of the problems that I think every open-source software project faces is how to get new contributors to the project started. It's always necessary to recruit new contributors -- not all of a project's existing contributors will stay around forever, and any project benefits from new people with fresh ideas. But it can take a lot of time from the established contributors to get new people started contributing "the right way" in an established open-source project.

We've been discussing this lately in the Drupal project, and I realized that one thing we needed was a central place to list tasks appropriate to new contributors. So I started this section today, at http://drupal.org/new-contributors.

My hope is that this section will become very useful both for new contributors and for people who are organizing sprints at DrupalCon and regional events. But to make it be a great resource, we need more tasks there. So please add tasks appropriate to new contributors (and sub-sections if appropriate): theming? translating? support? There's a template at http://drupal.org/node/1424502 to get you started. Let's make this work!



Should sync up with Bryan Hirsch and the 'Boston Initiative'

Some overlap / synergy. See for instance http://groups.drupal.org/node/180809


I'll hook up with them. Thanks for the link!