Jennifer and Zach's Game Collection

Several years ago, I created a games database, as a project to learn PHP/MySQL programming. It contained all of the games that I (Jennifer Hodgdon) and my partner (Zach Carter) had collected, which totaled 136 at the time of this writing (April 2010). Yes, we like playing board games! It contained descriptions, characteristics, and our ratings of the games, and you could sort and filter the list. It was quite a nice little project, if I do say so myself...

But the time has passed for that application. I've just moved my web site into the Drupal content management system (all except for my bike trails site, which is still in WordPress). And in the meantime, the web site Board Game Geek has become the place we always go to research games. We both have user profiles there, where we can put in lists of all the games we own. Board Game Geek has a lot more functionality: ratings from many more users, searching, forums, comments, etc. And it's a lot quicker to add a game to our lists there -- you just log in and type the name (on my list, you had to enter a lot more information, which other Board Game Geek members have already entered for us).

So, given all of that, I've decided to discontinue the "Jennifer and Zach's Game Collection" database. May it rest in peace! If you'd like to see what games we have, you can check out our lists on Board Game Geek instead: