Company Overview

Poplar ProductivityWare is the trade name used by Jennifer Hodgdon for her freelance Drupal programming and site building business. Jennifer has been a professional software developer since 1994, and has been building Drupal sites and creating custom Drupal modules since 2007. She also contributes her time, technical writing skills, and programming expertise to the Drupal open source project. Currently, she is available for custom Drupal module programming, adding features to Drupal sites, technical writing, and tutoring.

Jennifer started freelancing under her own name in 2001 in Seattle, and formed Poplar ProductivityWare LLC in 2003. Jennifer and the business relocated from the Seattle area to the Spokane area (in Washington State, USA) in the spring of 2011. She regularly works with clients all over the USA.

Why Poplar ProductivityWare?

  • Make use of our broad knowledge: our head consultant Jennifer Hodgdon has years of experience as professional software developer, using a variety of languages and operating systems, for many different applications and in various industries. If it turns out that we haven't worked with your exact software or problem before, chances are we've done something similar.
  • Benefit from our expertise: studies show that expert software developers are ten to one hundred times more productive than novice developers, yet cost only about fifty percent more per hour, so it will save you both time and money to hire an expert.
  • Gain flexibility from our use of open-source software, which is well-tested, standardized, and cost-effective (see below for more information)
  • Draw upon our analytical capability: Jennifer has a PhD in Physics, combined with extensive real-world business problem-solving.
  • Complete your project quickly, from definition to delivery.
  • Take advantage of our small size: we can afford to bid on small jobs, and our overhead is low.
  • Trust us -- learn more about the values that govern our business, or see what others have said about our services.

Why Open-Source?

If possible, Poplar ProductivityWare uses open-source software (Drupal and the PHP, MySQL, and Apache platforms it runs on, for instance) to achieve the goals of clients. Here are some of the reasons:

  • The open-source software we recommend has many thousands of hours of development behind it. A purely custom-built solution will likely only have tens of hours of development, which means fewer features.
  • The open-source software we recommend is developed by a large community, so it reflects accepted software standards rather than one person's opinion. Also, people and organizations like Poplar ProductivityWare continue to contribute updates to improve it.
  • As compared to commercial software, open-source software is lower-cost and more flexible (you can modify it if you don't like how it works).
  • The open-source software we recommend is used by many thousands of users, so security issues and bugs tend to get found and fixed.
  • There are many other developers using this software, so if for some reason Poplar ProductivityWare becomes unable to help you with maintenance or updates, you will be able to easily find another developer to help you.