Thank you for your interest!

Poplar ProductivityWare is currently looking for work in these areas:

  • Custom Drupal programming (writing Drupal modules on contract)
  • Short-term Drupal site building (subcontracting to add features to a Drupal site, or as part of a team building a new site)
  • Tutoring and technical writing in the areas of Drupal programming and Drupal site building

See the Services page for more information.

How To Contact Poplar ProductivityWare

Electronic Mail:"poplar" at the domain "poplarware", followed by a dot, and then "com". You'll most likely get a response within a couple of business days, if you contact Poplar ProductivityWare about some work of interest (see above).

Paper Mail: 22608 E Wabash Ave, Otis Orchards, WA, 99027, USA

Voicemail: (406) 219-8548 [Country code: 1 (USA)]

On-line Communities and Social Media

Jennifer Hodgdon, Poplar ProductivityWare's owner and chief consultant, participates in several on-line communities and social media networks. You can find and contact Jennifer: