Copyright Policy

All of the text, images, and other content on the business portion of this site is copyrighted by Poplar ProductivityWare LLC, the owner of this site, as stated at the bottom of every page.

If you are confused as to what copyright means, please read the Wikipedia article on Copyright, which explains the basics: copyright gives the owner the right to control what copies are made of this content, including the right to reproduce, repost, or make derivative works (including translations) from this content.


You are hereby granted the right to print or save locally anything on this web site for your own personal use.

Some of the downloads available on this site may be covered by other licenses; those licenses are included with the downloads.

All other uses without permission are violations of copyright law -- please do not violate the copyright of this site. To request permission for uses of the content of this site beyond the license outlined here, please contact us before you start. A decision will be made promptly.


We have sometimes been asked why we don't have a more permissive license for the business content of this site. Poplar ProductivityWare is a business, and this web site is one of its main marketing tools. The content here was created largely for marketing purposes (i.e. for the purpose of promoting Poplar ProductivityWare and demonstrating its skills and expertise), although of course some of the content was also created in the hopes that others would find it illuminating or useful. For that reason, we need to preserve this web site as the sole location for distribution of this content.

Just as a note, the owner of Poplar ProductivityWare, Jennifer Hodgdon, has also contributed a huge amount of her time and intellectual property (both documentation and code) to several open-source software projects, and continues to do so. In fact, she has contributed far more for open-source projects than she has created for this web site. Poplar ProductivityWare also maintains, which is a site describing how to put on Drupal workshops for beginners. That site has been voluntarily placed completely in the public domain, as noted in the footer of its pages. So it's not that Poplar ProductivityWare is stingy -- it's just that most of the content on this site was created with a purpose that is incompatible with it being copied freely.

Again, please respect the rights of content creators. Reposting copyrighted content from the web is a violation of copyright law. Don't do it!