Open-Source Community

Jennifer Hodgdon, Poplar ProductivityWare's lead developer, is an active volunteer member of the community that builds and maintains the open-source Drupal software, its documentation, and its modules. In the past she was also active in the WordPress development and documentation community, though lately she is mostly working on Drupal. Highlights:

Drupal Work for Clients

Here is a list of Drupal projects Poplar ProductivityWare has recently completed for clients. Please contact us if you need something similar.

  • Made various updates and additions to a non-profit's existing Drupal-based site.
  • Built a community portal for a software company's user base, based in Drupal, where users can participate in forums and submit case studies to the site.
  • Took over maintenance of clients' existing Drupal sites (security updates, new functionality, support).
  • Migrated several Drupal 6 sites to Drupal 7.
  • Tutored several clients (in person and remotely) in Drupal programming and Drupal site building.
  • Built a Drupal-based site to showcase an environmental group's work, including sophisticated image management with slideshows and videos, and a section higlighting news coverage of their organization.
  • Built a Drupal-based site for a green building industry group, including searchable member profiles that the members can update themselves (PHP).
  • Built a Drupal-based site for a group of eye care centers, including a searchable eyeglass frame showcase, a quiz, and cross-listings for locations and doctors (PHP/JavaScript).
  • Built a Drupal-based site for a property management company, including several pages with dynamic slide shows, rotating quotes, and property listings with suite details and demographic information. Involved creating a custom CCK field type module (PHP/MySQL/JavaScript).
  • Built a Drupal-based site where users can register and create listings with geographic information, and rate each others' listings (PHP/JavaScript/Google Maps API).
  • Built a Drupal-based site for a roofing company, including a custom theme, a roofing materials listing page, a zip-code search for past projects, a featured customer view, and a gallery of past projects by roofing material (all of the project/customer views were generated from the same entered content data) (PHP).
  • Created many custom Drupal modules for clients, including:
    • A module that makes it easy to integrate Twitter feeds into the core Drupal "Aggregator" module (PHP).
    • Several modules that add custom fields for use within CCK (PHP).
    • A module that displays all users' profiles in one long page, for a high-school reunion web site (PHP).
    • A module that reads legacy point-of-sale system data into the Drupal E-Commerce module, so that prices and inventory numbers are kept in synch between the web site and retail store (PHP/MySQL).
    • Modules that allow users to answer questions submitted by other site visitors and review products, making sure that only the latest answer/review by each person for a given question/product is kept (PHP/MySQL).