New Drupal 8 website!

Author: Jennifer Hodgdon
Date Written: 7 September, 2016
Type: News/Blog
Subject: Company News

I have finally updated to Drupal 8! (There's the old joke about the shoemaker's children not having any shoes... the same applies to the web programmer having a lame, outdated website... who has time to work on their own site?)

I first tried using the Drupal 8 "Migrate" feature, which is in Drupal Core. This is supposed to take all of the content and settings from your old Drupal 6 site and put it into a new Drupal 8 site. But it didn't work very well -- a lot of the content did not come through correctly.

So, my second attempt was a more manual approach. I started by building a new site structure, and setting up the core Bartik theme with my company's colors and logo... a custom theme would probably be a bit nicer, but since I'm a web programmer and not a graphic designer, I am not too concerned about the exact look and feel of the site.

Then I migrated content into the new site, manually: basically copy-and-paste from pages that I wanted to preserve from my old site. I chose not to migrate everything -- there were some old outdated articles and pages that I decided I didn't need on the new site. I also combined the News, Articles, and Downloads sections of my old site into one section on the new site, since there was a lot of overlap anyway. And I moved some content into a separate personal site, at

So... enjoy! I know I will be happy not to be using Drupal 6 any more... you may not care, but I do.