Poplar ProductivityWare specializes in Web Content Management, using the Drupal open-source content management system. Web content management systems take the tedium out of site maintenance, so the site owner or designer can easily update frequently-changing information from a password-protected page, without having to edit the HTML pages directly or learn new software.

Poplar ProductivityWare can customize Drupal in the following ways:

  • Flexible features - besides giving you the power to edit your site's pages, using Drupal gives you the possibility of product catalogs, customized searching, multi-level menus, image galleries, blogs, forums, social networks, member databases, e-commerce, and much more, with the potential to add new features as your needs change.
  • Custom content types and ways of viewing the content - your site can go beyond static pages, forums, and blog sections, to have custom data types with custom fields, and that data can be presented in many different formats -- different pages can even display the same data or content in different ways.
  • Custom modules - while Drupal has many third-party modules available, if they don't cover your web site's needs, Poplar ProductivityWare can modify them so they do or create new ones from scratch.

Poplar ProductivityWare can add features to your Drupal site to support the following types of interactions:

  • Basic - Visitors view pages on the site, with some searching, classification, and filtering capabilities
  • Commerce - Visitors can find products, services, and events, and purchase or sign up for them
  • Collaborative - Visitors add comments, create profiles, or even create content
  • Cooperative - A team cooperates to manage the site, with different roles such as writer, editor, and adminstrator
  • Private - A restricted group of people has permission to log on to see and/or manage private content and shared data

You can also hire Poplar ProductivityWare for your custom web programming jobs:

  • Drupal modules: if you have a Drupal site that needs a little custom functionality, we're happy to take on your custom Drupal programming job, involving PHP/MySQL/JavaScript
  • JavaScript and AJAX: custom JavaScript and AJAX programming, for mouse-driven effects and other dynamic web pages. Poplar ProductivityWare has expertise with Google Maps, JQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX technologies.
We also provide one-on-one tutoring, so you can learn how to do any of the above tasks, by doing them under the supervision of an experienced (and very patient) tutor/trainer.

Visit our Experience page to learn about our expertise and view a list of recent projects we have completed. Or, if you are already convinced, contact us today to get started!