Here are some unsolicited comments we have received from clients.

You are wonderfully thorough and responsive. What a treat! Everything looks terrific! (After customization of a WordPress blog for a client)
We're very happy with your work. (During a custom Drupal module project)
Thank you for all of your great work - the team and I are thrilled! (During an on-going project of upgrading and adding features to an existing custom PHP/MySQL content management system)
I'm loving this little database. I hope I can take advantage of your talents again! (After converting a hard-to-maintain HTML-based site to use a PHP/MySQL web database)
You did an excellent job... thank you so much for all your help with this. I really appreciate how you explain things to me. (After creating a WordPress plugin and adding custom sidebars to a WordPress theme for a vacation rental site)
It would appear that you have not only provided what you contracted for, but that you have done it exceptionally rapidly and for that, we thank you. (After a custom JavaScript programming job for a photo scanning company web site)
The database was a real hit with the board -- they are very pleased. (After creation of a PHP/MySQL on-line database that allows all members of a non-profit's board of directors to view and edit their membership list)
All I can say is WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! (After an Access database revision/fix/clean-up project)
You make a wonderful team to work with because you are both so positive and responsive. Thanks again for ALL of your work. (Referring to a team consisting of one staff person from the client, and one from Poplar ProductivityWare, on an Excel spreadsheet and macro project)
Good job. You are a great person to work with. Sure you don't want to move to NJ?" (After delivery of S-PLUS software to client in New Jersey
I can only say how lucky we are that we got Jennifer on this. She is fast, she is excellent in her review, we would be in MUCH worse shape without this review. (During a project where our lead consultant, Jennifer Hodgdon, made a pre-release critical review of documentation for a Java software development kit)